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Friday, March 2, 2012

Download Angry Birds For Offline Play On Your PC

Play Your Favorite Angry Birds....

You might be knowing about the game of the decade.It is nothing but Angry Birds.With over 500 million downloads over all the versions of different platforms, it has proved to be the one of the most mainstream games out right now, one of the great runaway hits of 2010, and the largest mobile app success the world has seen so far.

It was first released only for Apple’s iOS users, after encountering 12 millions downloads through apple’s app store the developers thought to release the game for different platforms also.Firstly it was developed only for touch screen mobile phones then later it was made even compatible with desktops and gaming consoles.

This awesome game was developed by Rovio Mobile.Even they have developed many special editions of angry birds like Angry birds seasons, Angry birds RIO, Angry Birds Magic...

Basically the idea behind the game is cute green colored pigs attacks birds and steal eggs of angry birds. So the birds have to destroy the pigs and cross all the levels which are increasingly tougher and get the eggs back.The pigs are sheltered by various structures like stone,wood and ice in puzzled manner.Now its the job the players to get back the eggs taken by pigs .Players here control a flock of multi-colored birds that are attempting to retrieve eggs that have been taken by a group of hungry green pigs.

There are several different types of birds used in the game. In the earliest levels, the basic red bird is the only one available. As the player advances through the game, additional types of birds become available with specific birds being effective against particular materials. Some birds have special abilities that may be activated by the player after the bird has been launched.For example, a blue bird can separate into three small birds,a black bird explodes,and a white bird can drop explosive eggs.The pigs themselves also appear in different sizes. While small pigs are relatively weak and are easily destroyed either by direct hits or by debris from the damaged structures, larger pigs are able to sustain more damage. In addition, some pigs wear helmets as armor, making them even more resistant to damage, while pigs with crowns can take the most damage.

Here is a PC version of angry birds game which you can play your favorite game on your PC with your mouse and enjoy the game.Here is the download link ..

Here you can download a free demo of Angry Birds, Angry Birds Rio and Angry Birds Seasons for your PC. To unlock the full versions, you can purchase an activation key for each game. Have fun playing Angry Birds! Squawk!